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My principle design style is in the area of typologies. Each piece is based on variations of an object that I photograph and arrange to form a grid. All typologies are made using Adobe Photoshop and InDesign. I construct a combination of images that build a picture of everyday life in a way we are not familiar with. There is an element of surprise when building the images, as the concept does not always match the qualities found in the end result. 


I went on to develop my style into 'typology compositions'. In this instance each element of the grid is made up of several photographs. My recent typology compositions have embodied the natural hues of the sky in a more progressively abstract manner, taking inspiration from the ‘Abstract Impressionists’ and ‘Colour Field’ painters of the 1940s and 50s. 


In 2017 I had an article published on my typologies in Practical Photography magazine. Since then I have continued to path my own unique viewpoint on this specialist technique. Andreas Gursky, Bernd and Hiller Becher were my primary photographic inspiration. 


I graduated from Bath Spa University in 1999, where I was awarded a degree in Ceramics and Photography. I’m currently qualified as a teacher of

A-Level photography and graphic design.


Below is a summary of the pages available on this website:

TYPOLOGIES: There are individual photos based on a theme and placed into a grid. The subtle varieties create repetition and a comparison of objects within a grid.


TYPOLOGY COMPOSITIONS: Each image in the grid is made up of multiple photographs. These are then carefully arranged. 

CONSTRUCTIONS: My constructions are made from multiple photos joined to build a unique image. It is an investigation of line and composition, through multiple viewpoints overlaid within a frame. 


SQUARE FORMAT: The square format section comes from a series of books dedicated to pairing images in colour and black and white. 


BLACK AND WHITE: The black and white section primarily investigates line, texture, abstraction and the use of negative space.


LANDSCAPE: My landscape section is primarily concerned with looking at textures and compositions found in nature.


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